Sunday, November 16, 2014

Meet your new garden intern

Hi!  I'm June Risley.
Until I was 10, I lived on a small "truck" farm on the Eastern Shore.  Since the variety of vegetables grown there were "trucked" to the city market, these were called "truck farms".  Each morning I fed
the chickens, pigs, cows and one old horse.  Then I helped milk the cows and led them out to the pasture with their neck bells clanging! - all before breakfast.

My most enjoyable task in the summer was to pick the ripe veggies and sell them at the roadside stand.

I've never lost the love of digging in the dirt and watching things grow, or wanting to plant bushes and trees to feed and house the birds and butterflies; and veggies for my friends and neighbors -
most of all, sharing my love of nature with students and their families - especially in Brooklyn and Curtis Bay at the Filbert Street Garden.

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