Saturday, December 20, 2014

Let's Get Some Spice Into the New Year with Herbs

Top Ten Herb Garden Benefits
1. Fresh Herbs Always Available  - fresh herbs at your fingertips
2. No Boring Dinners - different herbs make a boring dinner more favorable
3. Good For You - adding fresh herbs boost your meal's vitamin value
4. Save Money - inexpensive when you grow them yourself
5. Educational - always something new to learn, new garden technique, new recipe, healing herbs
6. Relieve Stress - sights and scents of herbs revitalize the soul
7. Curb Appeal - they blend in beautiful with other shrubs and flowers
8. Share Wealth - share your herbs with family, friends, & co-workers
9. Exotic Variety - different types of basil opal basil, anise bail, Italian basil globe basil, & etc.
10. Good Clean Fun - fun and health and nutritional benefit and the joy of watching your herb
      garden grow

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