Thursday, January 8, 2015

Which herb cycle is best for you?

Growing cycles of herbs
  • Annuals: single-season plants - sowing, flowering and dying within the same year
  • Biennials: these have a two-year growing and flowering cycle
  • Bulbs: these are swollen bases, formed of fleshy, modified leaves tightly packed around each other
  • Herbaceous perennials: these long-term plants die down to soil level in autumn and send up fresh shoots in the spring
  • Shrub-like: these have a woody structure and the ability to live for many years.  Some are hardy, while others are slightly tender and in temperate climates may loss some or all of their leaves.  Some shrubs are deciduous and others evergreen.
herbs photo: herbs and spices herbsandsoeicescopy-1.jpg

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