Monday, October 8, 2012

I'll Have a Work Day, Please... and make it a DOUBLE

What's better than a work day in the Fall at the beautiful Filbert St. Garden?

2 back-to-back work days at the beautiful Filbert St. Garden!
Last Thursday and Friday marked the garden's first 48 hour garden day.
Students from Curtis Bay Elementary/Middle christened the new outdoor classroom, and used the opportunity to learn about native plants and to plan their planting.
Teachers and students were joined by helpers from Ben Franklin High School, the community, Parks and People Foundation, UMBC (thanks Lacey and Jenny!), and Towson University's Tree Club and the Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority.  Special thanks to the Tree Club of Towson University for providing the funds to purchase ALL of the plants, compost, and materials for the planting!

So, what did we accomplish?
With help from over 60 students, 25 college volunteers, and the cooperation of numerous partners, we planted close to 60 native species (including Goldenrod, Golden Alexander, Clover Bush, False Blue Indigo, and Viburnum) Mulched over 800 square feet of invasive grass, planted and pruned grasses and bulbs, and prepared for the final step in finishing our outdoor classroom (more on that next time!)