Monday, December 10, 2012

Curtis Bay Elem./Middle Celebrates the Harvest

Things always seem to be happening at the Garden, no matter the time of year!
Just as November turned into December, and the Filbert St. Gardeners were thinking things were slowing down until next season, some teachers from Curtis Bay Elementary/Middle suggested hosting their fall reward celebration for good behavior at the garden.
Teachers and community members came together to design activity stations, provide some watchful guidance, and plan food for the event.

The result? Over 100 students were rewarded for their good behavior by spending 20 of their "Bark Bucks" to visit the garden. While they were there, students enjoyed a garden treasure hunt looking for berries, seeds, something fragrant, and a piece of trash (which unfortunately didn't seem too hard to find.)
They also helped to paint a garden mural which will soon grace the garden's front entrance. The mural-painting introduced students to painting with stencils, and the images we painted focused on the idea of transformation... in our community, and in our garden.

Students had the opportunity to enjoy some piping hot cider while doing leaf rubbings under our mulberry tree, they played in our meadow with the parachute, and even found the time to do a bit of garden service by helping to mulch the paths for their school garden.
All of this seemed to work up an appetite, so some members of the Curtis Bay Student Green Team help Mr. Jason the Garden Manager make Empanadas. We stuffed our homemade pastries with canned tomato sauce and a bit of cheese. These got put in our wood-fired cob oven, and in only a few minutes came out golden-brown, flaky, and most importantly- delicious!
Thanks to all the teachers who helped to organize the event, and to the students.
We'll probably be moving most of our workshops and activities indoors soon- so stay tuned for news on our community cooking workshops and garden art days.