Friday, April 25, 2014

Memorial Garden Planting & Annual Easter Egg Hunt

We got a lot done this past April 19th! We planted a memorial garden, spread compost and mulch, held a take-your-own-seedling home workshop, constructed bamboo scaffolding for bird netting, had our annual Easter egg hunt, and made & ate campfire s'mores! Check out all the awesome pictures!

Using teamwork to move mulch!

Volunteers discussing their next activity on the day's agenda.

Community gardeners, children, and other volunteers planting the Memorial Garden: 


Volunteers setting up bamboo structures (the structures will hold the protective bird netting) :

Children hunting for Easter eggs:

 He's finding a very well hidden egg!

Some of the younger kids needed some help from their older siblings.

Community gardeners also worked on their plots:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First Community Workday this Spring!

 On Saturday, March 22nd, we had our very first community workday of the spring! Our main accomplishment was removing many unwanted (non-native and fruitless) trees that had become entangled in our fence. We also spread a lot of mulch and compost.
 Here, some volunteers are mulching the soon-to-be-planted Memorial Garden (more on that next post!).
And here, a couple volunteers are disposing of the unwanted trees. We filled up an entire large dumpster with plant debris and trash!